The resilience of gentlemens clubs

Love them or hate them, Gentlemens clubs have always played a major part in the economy of Melbourne. They are businesses that draw crowds from tourists, garner business from other local businesses and also help boost the overall hospitality industry. Ask anyone who works in a  Gentlemens club Melbourne, chances are that they make more money than other kind of service industry business. There might be stigma attached to these establishments but they have been the best place for pleasure and business. Many deals have been signed at a gentlemen’s  club or facilitated by a visit to one. This is why a lot of businesses do not often question charges to gentlemen’s clubs that are charged on company credit cards. This is a practice that has been around for decades.

The adult entertainment industry generates billions of dollars every year. Not only do they offer employment, gentlemen’s clubs also support other local businesses in the from liquor vendors to food suppliers, builders, painters, etc. It is also true that gentlemens clubs have helped put many women through school. 

The past couple of years have been challenging for gentlemen’s clubs. Because of the attention that has been brought around the sexism and harassment that women face in the workplace has somehow extended to the gentlemens club because if the misconceptions that exist around these clubs and the kind of people who work in them. In response to the MeTooMovement some companies started to pull the plug on expense accounts being spent in gentlemen’s clubs. The kind of place that a gentlemens club is might not inspire confidence as it being the ideal place for forming new bonds but many argue that places like this fuel the dysfunctional toxic culture where women are only seen as sexual objects. The argument kind of things out and cannot hold because a lot of female execs also choose to schmooze their clients in gentlemens clubs. Strippers do not necessarily see themselves as exploited and used. They aren’t victims and they refuse to become poster girls for what sexual exploitation. Despite the sexual politics that play out in boardrooms across Australia, corporate clients are and still will be the best customers for gentlemens clubs. 

Gentlemens club Melbourne patrons will continue entertaining their clients and partying with the at gentlemens clubs. What they might do differently is to foot the bill themselves or lying about the charges. 

The adult entertainment industry has also been severely affected by zoning regulations. If one takes a look at the adult scene in Melbourne, gentlemens clubs are located in or close to the CBD, but they also become the first casualties of an overzealous politicians’ plans to clean up the city or gentrify a neighbourhood. Considering the impact and the role the adult industry plays on the economy, it is unfair how operators weren’t offered COVID relief funding like other businesses. The thing is, Gentlemens clubs have been around in one form or another for over a century. They have survived all kinds of catastrophes, cultural evolution and more and still they remain. So, despite all the negative things that are happening in the world gentlemens clubs are here to stay. 


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