Important Elements of an Effective Commercial Video

Commercial videos are not new. TV ads have been around since the early 1940s. And although the format and delivery channels may have changed, this marketing strategy is still about brand awareness and sales. You can dramatically increase the growth of your business if you use the right elements.

The following are the important elements of a successful and effective commercial video production:

1. It’s concise and gets straight to the point.

How we consume content online differs from how we interact with other media. For example, movies and books require our complete attention. Websites are often more difficult to understand, and we often jump from one tab or another without paying attention to small details.

You must be concise if you wish to reach your target audience. TV commercials have been very short in the past. They usually last around 15 seconds. YouTube data indicates that the most viewed content is less than ten minutes long. However, most of the content isn’t ad-supported. This data shows that users prefer shorter promotional videos. This allows you to create a compelling promotional ad. You’ll need to plan ahead in order to keep your video concise. For instance, you can storyboard your entire video so you know exactly what you want to say. You can have a script ready so that you don’t have to improvise and adjust its length by reading it aloud.

2. It speaks to its intended audience.

You need to know who your intended audience is before you market a product. This information will help you to create a story and highlight the benefits of your products to your audience. There are several user behavior tracking tools, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Intelligences, that you can use to identify your most engaged leads. Personas can also help you better understand your customers. You may be able to frame your marketing videos and other efforts better if you look at your brand from an outsider’s perspective.

3. It highlights the specific advantages of the featured product.

Understanding your target audience will help you get a definite idea of their needs. It is important to understand a few important pieces of information before you create a video to promote a product or service. For instance, what particular problems can the product solve? And who are the type of people who are most likely to benefit from it? Finally, what features will they be most interested in?

The third is crucial because you want your commercial video to be concise. When you are planning, make a list of the elements that you would like to include in your script. You may have to trim some of the more important benefits if your content becomes too long.

4. It tells a compelling story about the product, or one that relates to it.

Storytelling is basically what makes a good commercial video and turns it into something people will remember (and hopefully share) with others. It is a great strategy to apply for all kinds of ads. There are many ways you can add a storytelling approach to your ad. For one, you can discuss the origins of your business and how it grew to be where it is today. Second, you can showcase one of your customers and have them relate to the audience how it has helped their lives. Another approach is to feature the process of creating your products. A compelling story can make a commercial video that people will never forget, so don’t be afraid of trying new things.

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