How to Increase Your Spotify Streams and Followers

How to Increase Your Spotify Streams and Followers

Today, whether you’re an artist, a band, or a record company, increasing your reputation on DSPs (Digital Streaming Platforms) such as Spotify has become a prerequisite before even considering a career in the music industry. With Spotify claiming to be the land of opportunity for young musicians and still one of the finest places to present new music, many people are looking for faster ways to gain more listeners and followers. Regrettably, “Rome was not constructed in a day”! In larger companies, merely doing that basic duty takes a complete crew to get monthly listeners periodically. Furthermore, both your fans and prospective partners (including Spotify) will primarily focus on engagement: It’s better to have 100 major streamers than 1,000 idle fans.

Send your music to the curators of playlists.

Yes, they will notice your submission, but they will not react. You must stand out among the thousands of releases reviewed every day. Why weren’t you in MINT on the first day? No need to worry, just stay focused on the best method to get their attention: Playlists curated by curators Today, a large number of prominent curators’ playlists may make or destroy an artist or a song. It’s one of the most important aspects of promoting your music and establishing a greater presence. To have your music included in a curator playlist, start with our list of 10 Spotify playlist curators who accept free submissions. Furthermore, the curation staff is constantly on the lookout for new music to add to get monthly listeners for your Spotify Playlists. If you already have a track, a new one will be added.

Share your Spotify connections with everyone!

If you have a website, use it to gain additional streams: add embed player links, “Follow” buttons, QR Codes (for music streaming passwords), and so on. It’s all about Spotify! More information may be found on the Spotify Developer website. You can also locate various promotion tools.

Seek assistance from your distributor.

Often overlooked, if you own a record label, requesting distribution is always a positive thing. The more active they are, the more likely they are to see benefits, regardless of the streaming platform. Among the massive number of releases that one distribution business produces in a day, they are frequently contacted by Spotify about which ones to showcase. This is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a digital distributor.

Make contact with music blogs.

It’s a good thing you’re sharing: we can’t all recognise 1000 engaged pals eager to listen to your music from the start. You may also wish to reach out to new audiences and get their support. Music blogs are an excellent way to accomplish this; if your music is featured on a blog, it is almost certain to be noticed by people who already enjoy the genre. A nice promo package for your album, including a press release, press pictures, your profile, and, of course, your song.

Please be patient!

Don’t worry, success isn’t simple and it doesn’t happen immediately. It’s critical to be active, create outstanding music, and interact with your fans. The rest will happen on its own.

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