4 Growing Trends in the Modern Music Industry

The music industry, like any other form of business, has experienced many changes in the last several years. If you’re looking to get up to date, here are four growing trends in the modern music industry.

1. Genre Crossovers

In the past, music genres were fairly rigid. While there were some crossovers, most popular music stuck to a certain vibe. However, the modern era of music has begun to thrive in genre crossovers. A great example of this is Lil Nas X. The breakout song of this young artist was Old Town Road, a country and hip-hop crossover. While these two genres may seem extremely different, the mash-up was a success. Old Town Road was the song of the year after coming out, and Lil Nas X was catapulted into stardom. An interesting genre that seems to be the focus of several crossovers is comedy and parody. Groups like Star Bomb enjoy creating hilarious music that comments on popular culture. Although crossovers don’t always work, this trend doesn’t seem to be going away.

2. TikTok 

TikTok has practically taken over social media since its debut. Users seem to have a love-hate relationship with the app, especially considering its practically addictive format. While TikTok can be controversial, it has become an excellent tool for music creators. For one thing, the short format allows for efficient song previews. Artists can create cuts to put in the background of a TikTok, thus advertising the song without playing it for free. TikTok also helps lesser-known artists go viral. Indie musicians can simply create videos, put an original song in the background, and begin posting daily. While this method doesn’t work every time, it gives smaller artists a better chance of being seen. Finally, TikTok makes it easy to discover what certain audio is. Viewers simply need to look at the bottom right corner of the screen and read the audio’s title. All in all, while TikTok has its problems, it’s helped to support budding artists in the music industry.

3. Film and TV Marketing

Film and television are more popular than ever these days. While this can be contributed to a number of factors, it’s largely due to the easy availability that streaming provides. Because of this, many musicians have benefited from film and television deals. A prominent example of this is Lizzo. After the artist’s song, Truth Hurts was featured in a popular movie, the somewhat old song rose in the charts again. While getting a song featured in a show or movie is difficult, artists that succeed benefit enormously.

4. Sync Deals

Unfortunately for CD stores everywhere, discs have become a thing of the past. Therefore, artists are practically required to get sync deals. After a deal has been made (or the artist decides to self-publish), it’s essential for musicians to get on as many platforms as possible. Spotify and Amazon Music are two of the most popular options, making these sites a priority to sign with. In order to stream music on any platform, a fee is usually required. Since users don’t generally have to pay for songs, this has created monetary issues for artists.

Since the popularization of social media and streaming, the music industry has changed a great deal. Stay informed and enjoy the future of music.

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