3 Acting Tips For Beginners by Sumo Entertainment JD3

Here are 3 acting tips for beginners by Sumo Entertainment JD3, for those looking to get into the industry:

  1. Take acting classes- this cannot be stressed enough. No matter how good you think you are, you still need to practice your craft learning a plethora of acting techniques. You will have a bigger acting range.
  2. Get to know your character- It’s one thing to just read from a script, but it’s another thing to actually to research your character. Know how to play an objective. After you establish a clear objective, find out what the character is The clues can be found in the text, and the actor might have to pull from their imagination as well.
  3. Read the entire script- Do not just go in there learning your own lines. Read the entire play or monologue several times. Look up expressions, words, situations and people that are unfamiliar and research the world of the play. It is also essential to research the time period, location and historical setting so you can embody it.
  4. Fine tune your instrument- Your body is your instrument when it comes to acting. Know how to use the physical being to support characteristics of a role. It will make the character more believable. Take singing and dancing classes, as these skills can also be applied to acting if done well.

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